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Acrylics & other plastic materials
(as shown) can be machined to
provide cut out letters on their
own or cut out letters can be set
into a contrasting background.

Also shown we can also supply
plaques with 3D lettering.
This engraving material has a  -
coloured surface underneath. This
underneath surface is revealed -
when the top surface is engraved.

Available in a range of colours.

Vinyl cut letters & logos which can
be applied to our display stands -
offering a complete service.  Vinyl
lettering & logos can be supplied -
separately for internal or external

A large range of colours are available
offering a multi-coloured sign.

Innovators & manufacturers of tile displays
LD 4
LD 4 - Literature dispenser in wire with 4 pockets
to take A4 literature.

H. 790mm x D. 97mm x W. 233mm
Bottle Rack - Wine bottle rack
which will take six wine bottles in
glass effect acrylic & stainless -
steel with nickel plated fittings.
(Supplied flat pack).

H. 335mm x D. 355mm x W. 140mm