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HPTS 8 - Has 8 compartments, 1 compartment
per tile. The unit is in ply with a hard wearing
grey textured finish both sides. Supplied with
a fittings kit.

H. 565mm x D. 606mm x W. (This measure-
ment is variable) fittings supplied to suit your

Units can be manufactured in black hard wearing
polypropylene finish. Much superior to painted -
finishes.  Units are well finished with no unsightly
ears due to our strong fixing method.
These display units are manufactured
in strong ply with a grey textured -
hard wearing polypropylene finish both
sides.  As standard our display with a
fittings kit.

Units can be supplied with or without
nameplates.  We can as an added -
service cut & apply your name & logo
at extra cost if required.

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